Gender Pay Gap

It’s the old chestnut – “Women earn 77% of what men earn for exactly the same work”. It’s a lie.

“But it must be true, because it’s quoted everywhere, right?” Wrong. Is there an earnings gap between men and women? Yes. Is it the 23% that is constantly quoted? No. Even if it were, it’s not as clear and simple as many feminist activists would have you believe and here’s why.

Please remember that in this article I will be addressing the scale of any earnings discrepancy. Are women being systematically paid less than men for the same work? This is not meant to address how we came to this position, just identifying what if any disparity exists in pay, and what accounts for it.

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Feminism’s Response to Men’s Rights

I thought I’d start off with this blog explaining why I don’t trust Feminism in its current state to resolve, consider or even acknowledge the issues that men face in our society.

It becomes extremely frustrating to only ever hear one side of the gender debate; particularly when I don’t believe it should be split into “sides”. There are two aspects to this – gendering issues that affect all equally and ignoring or downplaying issues that predominantly affect men. Sure there are some issues that impact one gender more or less than the other but neither has exclusivity on gender specific privilege or concerns and for the most part I feel that most issues we each face can be addressed without excluding many of those affected simply based on their gender. Continue reading